The quality of our employees is your advantage.
Whether in research or development, in production or in the administrative area – Buzek Plastic is optimal positioned in every area.


Founded in 1999, the Austrian company Buzek Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH, headquartered in Melk, specialised in the development of new technologies and products in plastics processing as well as in pilot series or small series production.

In order to match customers’ expectations of just-in-time production, Buzek Plastic Poland Sp. z o.o. was founded based in Warsaw in May 2005 by Günter Buzek and Andreas Huber. With this step, it was possible to establish also in the production and supply of special plastic products in mass production.


For the implementation in high volume, the first production in Poland of the Buzek Plastic Poland was built directly at the customer premises and steadily expanded until 2012.

The figures in this production are fully self-promoting: on an area of around 2.600m², more than 200 employees in this plant produce up to one billion pieces of packaging every year and are filled, packed and sent all over the world by the main international customer.

With the idea, development, further development and worldwide patenting of this ecologically harmless and biologically residue-free degradable water-soluble plastic packaging, Buzek Plastic has become one of the pioneers of this current trend around the world to use such environmentally friendly packaging.


The new site for the new production plant in Poczernin was acquire.

With the construction of the ecological and economical “State of the Art” plastics processing plant, a clear commitment to the location here in Poland has made. In the meantime, the second expansion stage for this plant was successful completed in 2016. Buzek Plastic is already planning further expansion of the business in the coming years. All documents for obtaining necessary permissions for the next construction phase have already been prepared.

Buzek Plastic, together with the co-operating companies of the group, develops, produces and sells its innovations exclusively to the best companies from individual economic sectors. Several worldwide patents testify the group’s innovative power. Deep valuable trust connects the inventors, the manufacturers and the users of all innovations.


Our new production plant is ecologically and economically pioneer in plastics processing with connection to Industry 4.0


Free of any present structures, the latest production methods are used. The guiding principle is the desire for complete data networking across all production steps, with the additional option of self-control within specified quality tolerances, as described in Industry 4.0 concepts.
The self-controlling interlocking of production steps implements an automated zero-error system.


The level of performance achieved at the new plant is impressive. Not only the production volume per injection moulding cell has increased by more than 400% within eight years, but also the percentage of reject parts has reduced from around 15% to less than 3%. As well as 99% of all rejected parts get recycled online into the own production cycle, to get as close as possible to the Zero-Waste-Strategy.

In the meantime, all production units in the new plant have fully utilized again and the next evolution step is already finished and waiting for implementation.


In our quality control system, each workpiece carrier passes through a Vision Control Station for automatic 5-sided inspection of every moulded part.

The system is capable of creating and fully evaluating 64×5 images within the system cycle time. For this purpose, 12 cameras including additional mirror systems are installed. The online evaluation system is set to identify all 23 possible defects.


Identified reject parts are separated from Pick & Place handling and replaced with good parts.

(Good parts buffer in the middle of the picture above the manipulation area).

From the workpiece carrier the moulded parts are placed into the transport trays and then into forwarding boxes, in which the products proceed directly to the capsules filling lines.